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Amanda u r amazing grl Nd I think I know from Chatsworth ryt I'm Zakhona Mdabe hope u will remember..........I'm Kholiwe's sis
Zeeeeee · a week ago
So many books 🥺Wow! I'm inspired already!♥️
Azola. Hlelo(Baby Chiya · a month ago
Your stories are brilliant and amazing😚☺️🤗
Happyfave · a month ago
Amanda, I like your stories especially "The Fake Pastor" your are expressing your gifts and talents and one of them is writing and it has a beautiful outcome.
Josh Lemmetjies · a month ago
Amanda your the best author ever . I enjoy reading the stories you write . Keep on writing we love what you doing . More stories please . I learned many lessons from the stories you write.In every story there's a lesson ❤️💖💝💕💞
Buhceeceeweigh · a month ago