Tears flew in my eyes as I begin to think
Of those wonderful times we had,
I used to think you were the one for me,
I used to think you were my soulmate, my ride or die
I guess I was wrong.

When you left me I had no one to turn to,
I had no shoulder to cry on,
I needed you,
I wanted to talk to you,
I wanted to hear your voice,
But I also remembered that you said I mustn’t contact you.

Behind my smile is a hurting heart,
Behind that laugh I’m falling apart,
I thought of waiting for you,
But I also remembered that you said I should move
And not look back.
Although we broke up my heart still converses with you.

You left me when I was a mess
When I needed your support,
But you left and did not look back,
I thought of suicide but then I remembered that
It’s what my enemies would have wanted
My heart still can’t accept
The fact that you’re gone for good.

You promised me the world
I knew that was a lie
But I believed you
Then you took advantage of me
You did the worst,
You used me,
So go and do not come back.