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Hi there, you don't need a course code to do open online courses. Course codes are for specialised groups who do private courses.
Team FunDza · 4 weeks ago
How do I get a course code
Mr Martinez · 4 weeks ago
If I get FunDza will it be responsible for everything when I get to the University??..
Xulu · a month ago
This is a good thing you are doing FUNDZA,you are touching,educating,encouraging and motivating many people out there to an extent where if one doubted him/herself,after going through this platform,one will be able to pick him/herself up and forge ahead in life.It is a platform that gives a vivid picture about the future to a young person who can not see beyond school and informing the young people of the benefits of hard work especially in school.Keep it up FUNDZA,we are right behind you.
Jefferson Simandi · 2 months ago
Thank u fundza for giving us the platform to enjoy good read for free, and evoking the creativity inside us .if only funza owned a television programme where all stories sent to funda come to life and generate an income for the writers
Simangelesikhakhane030@gmail.com · 2 months ago