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U did the best thing ever I salute 👏 🙌 ❤ 🙏
Zodwa Hadebe · 5 months ago
Equality is the best thing to be done,kids must be treated equally
Inga Cotyi · 7 months ago
Yes i totally agree because this gender steryotype thing is our daily bread. We live in a country where baby girls treated more softier than baby boys, they use to say to boys, " A boy does not cry its shows that you are weak and coward" this is totally wrong. Because we are facing Gender based violence because of our boys who were being told that crying is a sign of weakness which is wrong.
Nokuphila Shoba · 7 months ago
Yes equality is the best
Xolane Ndhlovu · 8 months ago
Thanks to all writers
Mariah carly wase mzansi · 9 months ago