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Naira26 · 6 months ago
That's great,keep it up,I ll keep in touch with your competitions in order to be in the part of this project.
Lucy Ndlovu · 8 months ago
I'm grateful that people never lose humanity and acknowledge the differences and the hardships other people undergo and not only do they understand they offer real assistance, time and money I'd like to thank Claude Leon Foundation the support and sponsorship.
Ndima Paulus Phadi · 8 months ago
Amandla! (^.^)
AfricanMelanin · a year ago
I'd like to take part my story explores race and it focuses on young black people who are heavily affected by race.And how the media promotes and incites racism.It explores the effects of racism on young black people. It seeks to empower young black people
black power · 2 years ago