Tata said lesbians are mad.
Bhuti said being gay makes them bad.
The two of them laughed together.
In church, Tat’ uMfundisi said
They will burn forever,
in the hottest part of hell.
He said this is the devil’s most powerful spell.
I said nothing.

Last night fire tore another shack down
And two more women died.
Everyone came to witness the flames.
Some said lesbians must leave this town.
Other said they could smell the women’s skins burning.
I said nothing.

In class, teacher said textbooks are my life,
not shack fires
The news headlines said nothing.
On the streets, my neighbours
Braaied and watered their gardens.
And at home, Tata said lesbians are mad,
Bhuti said being gay makes them bad.
And I said nothing.