FunDza’s Rights Project

Phase 1 of FunDza’s special ‘Rights’ project is now complete! We’ve commissioned and published 20 short stories that each focus on one of the Rights in our country’s Bill of Rights. Each story is written in English and has then been translated into another SA language, and we’ve compiled resource material to accompany the story. This special project aims to educate, inform and empower young people to understand better – and ultimately to be positioned to access – their human rights.

Read the stories:

Links to the Resource material:

Congrats to Ros Haden, FunDza’s content developer, and all the other writers involved in the project for making it a success. Thanks goes to: the Claude Leon Foundation, the Foundation for Human Rights, and the 476 Charitable Trust for supporting the project. And, to the following individuals and organisations who helped conceptualise the stories and vet the resource materials: SECTION 27, CLASI, SA Human Rights Commission, Equal Education, Right2Know, TAC, Tim Fish Hodgson, Coline Bruintjies, Meetali Jain, Adam Bradlow, Kayum Ahmed, Murray Hunter as well as others.