Playing with Lives

AUTHOR: Vixene Jones

PUBLISHER: FunDza Literacy Trust


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Nzwaki’s loving husband has changed. He’s become rude, drunken and is never home – and he is flush with money. Her friend Nora disappears for a few days but returns to confide an upsetting situation. How are these things linked? Nzwaki soon finds out. Is she brave enough to do the right thing?

This story is available in IsiXhosa and IsiZulu: Ukudlala ngoBomi Babantu, Ukudayisa Ngezimpilo Zabantu.


This is the tenth story in our ‘Rights’ project that uses stories to illustrate and bring to life the ‘Bill of Rights’. Find out more about our Constitution and Bill of Rights with our It’s Your Right Handbook or read up about The right to health handbook.

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