Terms and Conditions


  • FunDza is a non-profit organisation that promotes reading, writing and literacy in South Africa. Its full name is the FunDza Literacy Trust (IT no 814/2011) and its office is at 85 Main Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town.
  • FunDza’s services include sharing content (like stories and user comments) on its website, mobi site, mobile service platforms like Mxit, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • FunDza also offers events, competitions and other services to promote reading and writing in South Africa.

Follow FunDza’s rules

  • These terms and conditions (or rules) rules apply to anyone who uses FunDza’s services.
  • If you don’t agree with FunDza’s rules, you aren’t allowed to use its services.
  • FunDza may block its services to anyone who doesn’t follow these rules.
  • FunDza competitions are governed by these rules and the conditions of that specific competition.
  • South African law governs these rules.
  • FunDza may change these rules any time by publishing the new rules on its website.

Age restrictions

  • To use FunDza’s services, you must be at least 13 years old.
  • If you’re younger than 18 or can’t enter contracts alone, you must have permission from your parents or guardian to use FunDza’s services and to agree to these rules.

Privacy and personal information

  • FunDza takes your privacy seriously and takes reasonable care to protect it where appropriate.
  • By using FunDza’s services, you give it permission (consent) to collect, use and share your personal information.
  • FunDza only uses personal information in terms of the law, but it cannot guarantee your privacy in all circumstances. FunDza uses most of your personal information to provide its services and do statistical research on use of its services. Individual users cannot normally be identified from these statistics.
  • In some cases FunDza may send your personal information to other countries, for example when you access its services through Facebook.
  • FunDza may intercept any communication you send or receive using its facilities or services, if the law allows this.

Personal information that FunDza uses

  • FunDza collects and uses information such as your username, nickname, mobile service profile (for example a Mxit ID) or related user information, cell phone number, general location, internet protocol (‘IP’) address, gender, date of birth, nationality, comments, reading history, interests, technical usage data and similar information.
  • If you win a competition or submit writing for publication, FunDza may collect extra information about you, including your name, identity number, photograph, street address or email address. FunDza needs this information to award prizes or for promotional purposes, but aims to keep the information private if appropriate.

Your privacy and safety is also your responsibility

  • You are also responsible for your own privacy by not sharing personal information too widely.
  • If you do not want your real name linked to any writing you send FunDza, you must use a different pseudonym or ‘pen name’ (also known as a ‘nom de plume’).
  • If you are under 18, you shouldn’t post personal information that can be used to contact or identify you unless your parent or guardian has given you permission.
  • FunDza advises you not to post personal contact information on FunDza’s website or services, such as your cell phone number, email address or home address. Please follow tips about internet safety.

Sending content to FunDza

  • You may send FunDza your original writing or comments for publication. This is called ‘content’. You should always keep a copy of any writing you send FunDza.
  • Publishers may send FunDza original writing by authors they represent if they have worldwide publication rights.
  • FunDza does not have to publish any content you send it.
  • If you are quoting from someone else’s writing, please name the author and if possible send a link to the author or their publisher’s website.
  • You should always respect the rights and feelings of others.

Copyright and intellectual property

  • You always own copyright in your original content you send FunDza.
  • By sending FunDza content, you give it a licence (permission) to publish the content on any FunDza service anywhere in the world, for free.
  • You can withdraw permission by sending an email to and FunDza will do its best to delete all your content on its services as soon as possible.
  • Copyright, trade marks and all other intellectual property rights in all content on FunDza services belong to it unless the author or owner is clearly stated.

FunDza may remove content

  • FunDza believes in freedom of speech and artistic freedom within acceptable limits, and is opposed to censorship. FunDza does not have to censor any material that is lawful.
  • But FunDza can always refuse content or remove any content it publishes, and it doesn’t have to give reasons.
  • FunDza does its best to check (moderate) all content submitted. But FunDza does not have to check all content and is not responsible for content created by users.

Abusive content

  • You must not send FunDza any content that is ‘hate speech’, or that insults, threatens, defames, harasses, bullies or unfairly discriminates against any person or group (for example on the basis of belief, race, sexuality or gender).
  • Don’t send content that is obscene, sexually explicit or violent without good reason (for example as an essential element of a plot).
  • You are not allowed to possess or send FunDza unlawful content (such as child pornography or bomb threats). FunDza will report you to the police if you do.
  • Don’t send FunDza any spam, marketing messages, viruses or similar content.
  • Don’t send or copy any writing or other work by someone else, unless you have their permission.
  • If you think any writing, comment or other content is illegal, offensive or undesirable for other reasons, please report it to and FunDza will investigate.

FunDza is not responsible for losses

  • FunDza aims to keep all its services working properly, but it isn’t responsible if any of them don’t work or if any content is deleted.
  • FunDza doesn’t guarantee that content on FunDza’s services is correct or accurate.
  • FunDza may include links to other websites outside of its control for your convenience.
  • You indemnify (cover) FunDza against any claim, loss or debt that results from any content you send to FunDza or from your use of any of its services.

Information, complaints and questions

  • You have rights under laws such as the Promotion of Access to Information Act, the Protection of Personal Information Act and the Consumer Protection Act.
  • Please send any any requests or questions in terms of any laws to The Information Officer by email to, by fax to 086 619 7713 or by letter to FunDza, 85 Main Road, Muizenberg, 7945, Cape Town.
  • If you want to complain or ask about anything, please send written details with your name, phone number and email address to or call 021 709 0688.
  • FunDza is a small organisation, so please be patient and a staff member will reply as soon as possible.