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I have always loved writing but as most, doubt always clouded our talent. Another thing that discouraged me on writing was that of, "who is going to publish my work" and "who is going to read my work." Writing always to me come as a feeling and if something really inspired me. I can't decide that I am going to write. I must be first be inspired
Motebang Disene · 8 months ago
So can you tell me how did you know that you can write like what comes in Your mind?
Yvonney · 9 months ago
fabulous I love it
Mavuto kamanga · 9 months ago
@RefMan, thank you man. You don't know how this really means to me. Thank you again. & thank you for reaching out. :D
Motebang Disene · 10 months ago
Man you are talented. You motivated me in a amazing way thanks man we need folks like you in this modern life
Refman · 10 months ago