You came alone in this world, I came alone in this world, we all came on our own in this world. But we all need each other. It is not easy to live by yourself; this is not a jungle. I scratch your back, I expect you to scratch mine.

Even though you are independent, there are people that are contributing in your life indirectly. A pregnant woman due to give birth needs help from other women. Although it is possible for her to give birth on her own, she needs all the help she can get to quickly and easily deliver the baby.

An architect is no use if there is no builder. And vice versa. We need each other, whether you are poor or rich, young or old. When you are a baby you need a mother to feed and take care of you. We don’t realise how we are all connected to each other.

Ask any successful businessperson how they got where they are today. Most will tell you that it takes hard work, dedication and most important, you need support. Your business will be no more if there is no one who is supporting it. A bird flies high in the sky but it comes down to the ground to eat and drink water. This tells you no matter how rich you are, you still need people to help you keep your wealth.

Asking for help is important. And saying thank you is also important. No one wants to help a rude and ungrateful person; humility is key. We all need each other. I need you, you need someone else. We are a puzzle piece in this life, we might not know or realise of yet but we are.


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