I just don’t understand you at all. When it comes to important things, you don’t take them seriously. You skip school and sometimes go train surfing with your friends. Many people have died from train surfing. Some lost their legs and other body parts. But you still do this, you are good in bad things.

If someone had to come up to you and tell you to do something illegal or out of the way, you are in. You don’t love your life, you don’t respect your life and you don’t take your life seriously.

Just because your parents have passed on doesn’t mean you should give up on your life. You don’t realise how blessed you are. You don’t know how other children are hoping for the life you have.

Things that don’t have a good future are the ones you like and enjoy doing. Smoking is not good for your health. You know that, but you still continue. When it comes to things that are good and can benefit you, you don’t like them. You don’t take them seriously. I just wonder how your parents would feel about your lifestyle. You know that they only wanted what’s good for you.

Change your ways bro, please do change your attitude towards life. Whatever is happening in your life right now is not worth you giving up. While you are still alive, just try to change your life because you can’t when you’re dead or when you are disabled because of train-surfing.

You are a clever boy, I know you. Make everyone proud of you. I know how you love cars, why don’t you focus on that and try to join Motorsport. I love you boy.


Tell us: Do you think he should take the author’s advice and take his life seriously, would you take the advice?