A wise woman once said to me
“We all have been given equal time,
but we don’t all spend our time equally”.
I think this is self-explanatory.

We all have 24 hours
What do we do that benefits us now and the future?
Some spend half of it playing soccer
Others practising their math skills
Most of the time you will find
That most people are busy spending their time
Glancing at the TV screen,
Playing all types of TV games
And only spend an hour studying

Why don’t we spend the majority of our time
Doing something that’s going to make us better people in society?

We all know that in order for something to be perfected
It takes time
When a mother is pregnant
She is supposed to give birth after nine months
You can’t cheat time
Before you can be ready for higher education
You must first spend twelve years in basic education
Find what you want to do,
And how to get there,
What you’ll need to get there
After that you create your own timetable
To share your time amongst your activities

Time is the most valuable resource that can’t be reused again
It doesn’t stop or wait for anybody
And most certainly anything
Let’s not be only financially wise but time wise too
Time is ticking on folks;
What are you ticking off in your wish list?