As the evening comes and sunsets,
She quickly takes out the candle,
This candle is no longer white but brown with
During World War I,
She used it as the light source.
With six grandchildren in the two-room house with
No windows,
These children are no longer young
But still studying in primary
When she closes the doors I can see clearly outside
Through the holes made by the marks of booms
During World War II.
Her Primus stove is dusty
And is used
For cooking, boiling water for bathing and making tea:
Most of her cups and dishes are made of steel
And colored in

But they all looked black with age
Everything else inside
The house looked old as she was!
And that which is inside
The yard
If I were asked to identify years of that shovel,
With no doubt I would tell it is eighty-nine years old
And she is the role model to me
She is the father to her
Mother to those who needs mothers
She’s the hero
Inside the house
And outside the community.

No one who has once stepped inside this
House has complained
Her house looks old but love is
Flowing inside it
We all say, “We’re going home”
My granny’s house