I have wasted good Dr Martens downhill in this life thing
I’m owed too many upgrades
These knees should have potholes
I always fall on them
Send a divine SOS
I live to cry on my knees
Crying to my ancestors
Asking for light
This tunnel never ends
It’s always filled with regret
For books not read
Lives not lived
Night-time horrors
My soul is a worn-out rag
For all the loves I am not
The lovers I have lost
Feels I couldn’t brave
Dreams I did not see
I know loss
I’ve lost my mind a few
Family left
No one came
Friends disappeared
Nothing new came in their place
Dreams got lost
Bucket list burnt putting off joints
Vodka turned daily bread
Tears poured for days gone
Now, even the tears are gone
Now is all I really have
So I’m here
And definitely screaming
This is my fight club