They told me the bad about you,
I made myself deaf.
They asked me if I knew what you were doing,
I made myself mute.
They asked me if I saw all your actions,
I made myself blind.
They told me to walk away,
I made myself paralysed.

I spotted the differences
Between the good and the bad
And they formed a clear picture
Happiness in thought I had found
But to the ground
My heart was thrown.

The bad about you was said
And I never cared
Because your love became the fixation
Of my broken heart.

All the broken pieces
You collected and mended
All our differences
You noted and respected
All my flaws
You understood and accepted.

We were titled โ€˜the two weirdosโ€™
Because we understood each other
But they could not
We kept them confused
But they could not understand
We kept them wondering
But they could not get the answer
We kept them waiting
But no train shall be waited for at the airport.

Your true self you revealed to me
My true self I revealed to you
My comfort zone
Your arms became
And it was all under the definition of unconditional love.