Dark and Gloomy weather
I was just in Mama’s chamber
Felt like I was on a plane
I was the only one there
The wind scared me
I longed for shelter near

A white light flashed in my eyes
I hid my scary face
How could I stop my tears,
From pouring on my face without knowing

Am I walking through the dark or in the dark
I asked myself
With fear covering my mind

For a while, my mind was blank
Where or how I will land didn’t matter
All I ever wanted was to be safe
Then I arrived on a strange land
A place full of joy
Despite living in the slum

People looked down on us
They called us hideous names
But we kept our heads high
Though life seems unfair
We lived in happiness
Our smiles never slumber

We ate plum for breakfast
Rice for lunch
And garri for supper
They said we’re no different from garbage
We never lost courage
All we ever wanted was to be involved

We lived in a surrounded zinc house
And a window of plank
Whenever rain fell during the night
We worried that we might find ourselves somewhere different
Our school fees were never paid on time
They chased us out like thieves

But we always prayed to God
And tried to escape the darkness
But we couldn’t find our way out
Like we were drowning in the black sea

The droplets of rain could penetrate the zinc of our house
They poured all over our faces
We had enough of this races
As dark as our present is,
Will it determine our future?
This question ran through my mind
But I remembered,
As dark or faded as our current situation may be,
It doesn’t still determine our tomorrow