There’s nothing like that painful punch to the stomach from reality.
And as you squirm on the ground trying to regain your breath,
you can’t help but realise how naive you were to dream in the first place.

You look around in agony,
trying to find help and
All you can hear are voices in the distance.
As you try to scream for help,
nothing comes out.
With your face against the ground,
you watch your tears as they wet the dry, dusty soil.
As you take fewer and fewer breaths, you wonder if this is the end of you.

You smile and get up,
with the pain still coursing through your veins
Like a lethal poison rushing to your brain.

You must get up; we all have to get up.
No matter how painful and battered our bodies are, we must all get up.
The pain, although sharp and devastating, is temporal.
We get up, because the dreams that life tries so hard to destroy
Are the only things that give us the strength to wake up in the morning.