It happens sometimes
To lose in a game of life
Young man, it is healthy to fail
Perfection is a lie sold richly
Its image fades like one drawn by nimbus

All the brave men are dead
And in this coward’s den, life commences
The struggle originated from the fault of a serpent
Fear became a seed planted by a deity amidst

The world of aliens,
I went before God with a perplexed prayer
That paralysis of mind,
Left pride in serious wreckage
It slipped on the platform of potential
Before all the features desired
Such bosom killed a man’s nightmares
But because she was god, she bears no grudge

It is just life, and no myth to uncover
Mortal species now endangered by its fears
These souls lose mates in act of bravery
But life begins when every man awakens a boy in himself
And every woman, a girl in her
The tragedy is greater expectations
From these invocations many necks perished in nooses

Before the eyes of men I know,
Mental paralysis is a flop in regard
But because she was god,
She sewed torn pride from deadly wreckage
By her melanated charms
Defrosted the ice around a bedridden heart
How much does such patience cost
In this world of mortal aliens

I wrote to heal,
And for her to master her celestiality