We all have problems. We all have been in our lowest moments in our life. No matter which lifestyle we live, no matter how rich we are, we all have problems.

As much as we don’t like problems, they are playing a vital role in our life. If I can ask: where would you be today without problems? Exactly, problems are like challenges that help us to better and educate ourselves.

Yesterday you had financial problems. Today you have learnt a thing or two about managing your finances. If you didn’t have those financial problems of yesterday, would you have learnt anything?

In every problem that we are facing, use it as a challenge to try to overcome that obstacles. All you have to do is have hope. Hope is a good driver through our journey of problems. It is the one that is steering us to do better.

Many kids in our school committed suicide because they were having problems. They didn’t kill themselves because they are cowards or losers. They didn’t have strength to fight and hope for tomorrow.

In every race there’s a price. But we don’t all run in the race for the price. Some just want to push themselves to their ability. The price is just an added benefit for them. Only if these kids knew which race they are running, and why they are running.

I have problems too. Sometimes I just think of ending my life. But I don’t because I always have that hope in me that everything is going to be alright.

Long story short, let’s have hope through our challenging times. If you feel like giving up and letting go, just seek help. Boy, it doesn’t mean you are half a man if you are asking for help.

Every problem you are going through, don’t worry just remember this acronym: TTSP. Yes, This Too Shall Pass. And you will learn a thing. And once you have learnt, you know the rule that each one must teach one.

Teach others and inspire others.


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