What does it take to be a celebrity? What good and bad comes with you being a public figure? “It can be too much,” the celebs say when asked how constantly being in the spotlight feels.

Celebrities can’t even go for a walk in their own neighbourhood. They can’t even go for shopping or dine in public without being bombarded by people asking for their autographs or pictures. They are captured everywhere they go, it’s like they always have to be in their big mansions.

I am not a celebrity but I can only imagine what it’s like being caught on the news, billboards writing about you, about what you are doing in your spare time. I believe celebrities are people too, they deserve breaks. They deserve freedom.

Justin Bieber once said that he is tired of people treating him like an animal that has escaped from the zoo. But ordinary people like me and you don’t care about their privacy and their free time. We just want to take that picture with them, so we can brag and flex to our friends on social media.

It’s hard, it’s exhausting and it’s time consuming. It is like you are not allowed to be angry or sad or have any free time alone. When celebrities are having a bad day, and a fan spots them and asks to have a picture with them, if they refuse or choose to ignore us, we tend to bad-mouth them.

Do you still wish to be popular? Do you like to be on people’s lips? Is that the life you desire? You can’t even go to hospital or the clinic when you need medical attention without people gossiping about you, assuming God knows what, forgetting that you are human too, you get sick sometimes.

It is not a walk in a park to be a celebrity. No, that life is too much for me. I can’t imagine myself walking in a shopping centre, disguising myself by wearing a hat and big shades just so people won’t recognise me.

I guess celebrities will have to stay indoors, and not go anywhere. They will be caged in their own big and beautiful mansions.


Tell us: Do you agree that celebrities are people too, like us, who need their space and freedom?