I can remember it like it was yesterday the day I received the wrist watch for my birthday. I was ecstatic and overly overwhelmed with surprise, as I had not anticipated it, though I had always wanted to own one. You should have seen the amazed look on my face like that of someone who had won the lottery, the wide smile upon my face would have probably gave me away.

I have never been big on celebrating birthdays and everything that goes with it, more especially presents. I think almost anyone who really knows me would most probably attest to that. On my 21st, however, I decided to make an exception to celebrate my birthday.

I am a “low key event kind of person” I am not the one to splurge and throw colossal parties and anything of such and so I wanted it to remain like that. All I appreciated on this day was being together with family, that was what I considered special. It is on such occasions that family and friends would spend quality time; sharing anecdotes and bursting in tears with laughter, and learning more about one another. All while little did I knew that my father would surprise me with a wrist watch.

When I opened it I literally fell in love with it and could not contain my surprise. “Ayintle Tata, it is beautiful father”, I said giving him a hug and a pat on the back . The memory of the first day I wore it is one I hold dearly in my heart. Whenever it is tough, it keeps me strong. I recall my father’s words.

“You are a young adult now. And keep making us proud with your responsible decisions you take.” These words entered and warmed my heart greatly. It was the best gift I could have ever received on such a grand occasion.

The watch is not only a ‘tool’ I use to tell and check the time, but also has sentimental value to me and I would not trade for anything on earth. I feel like it is a bond between my father and myself. On the contrary to the watch’s common purpose, to tell time, it served as a symbol of growing up and reaching adulthood in terms of how I had grown up and learnt to be responsible.