At some point I didn’t realise that mastering information skills was very important in our everyday lives, until reading the book of “Mastering Information Skills for the 21st Century by M P Machet”. At first hand to be quite honest the book was not my kind of vibe and style, meaning it was different from the books I’ve read so far.

When I started reading, it became more interesting and I gradually became obsessive over it. The facts about the book made me become more eager about to learn about it, because it’s so appealing and has a catchy kind of thing about it.

The book has now become more special and an eye opener to me, because there were certain skills l lacked during my high school days. It was tough at school when I was given an assignment, research project and writing an essay, I had no idea where to start or how to plan my work and how to find information that will help me. Anyway thank God, I was able to pass my matric.

I am now currently studying at university. It’s tough, there are tons of assignments and projects. The book was prescribed in one of the modules I do, but this book is a great help in all of my modules. The things I lacked have improved so much from reading the book because I can apply the skills in my school work and in my everyday life experiences.

The book is something special to me because now I am working towards becoming information literate. In today’s world we need to be information literate because information is key. If you don’t have it you become lost. If you don’t have information you won’t be able to know how to use certain things, and know what those things are used for. The book has taught me a lot and I don’t regret calling it something special to me.