I did it. I didn’t mean to, it was a mistake. I wasn’t thinking, I thought I didn’t care. No matter what, it was a mistake. Will entertaining it and questioning it help me? No, so I’ll move on cause it was a mistake.

When I was a teenager I was caught up in a lot of uptight situations from fitting in, to making friends, to feeling like an outcast. People have hurt me and made a fool out of me. I would become judgemental sometimes and say the wrong things to people, all because of the way they made me feel. Those were my mistakes. I wanted them as part of my life at the very same time I was able to see that their time in my life was over.

As a teenager I went through moments of experiencing things that I never thought I would. I reacted stupidly, met up with the wrong people who were nothing compared to me. At that time I never thought of it being a mistake. But as I got older, I got to see things differently. I realised that in life you’ve got choices. You should always pick who you want and who you don’t, whose worth your time and whose not and how you would like to live your life.

I’m human, mistakes will happen as it is part of life and growing. I’m learning more about myself and I think carefully before making choices. Regret is something that I wouldn’t want to live with when I’m older.

What about you? How are you willing to deal with things? How are you willing to solve your problems? It’s something to think about.


Tell us: Do you agree that as humans we will make mistakes?