They are always here, ready to betray. They make us doubt ourselves, just to please them. We create them, but we are afraid of them. They come our way, as fantasies and reality, just to intimidate us. They challenge our confidence, deceiving us to bow down to them. Always ready to judge our unnecessary flaws. They are torture for when we fall, but motivation when we go astray.

I can hear them echoing in my head:

You can’t do it. You won’t make it, you should just stay at home. Phew! Can’t you see they are better than you? You’ve been working your butt off, day in and day out, but their fouls are your biggest points. Who are you? Lost every battle but still you spoke your mind, don’t you realise you are stupid? Bro, how many fouls does it take to make you believe you ain’t worth it? No matter what you do, nobody cares!

They are wrong. We created them ourselves to motivate ourselves not to decide for ourselves; we can destroy them ourselves. Remember what you created, you can destroy.

Life is too short to drink bad wine. Find your purpose, fear nothing and pursue your goals for your journey ahead.


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