You might not like me when
I talk like this, but I have
This mamasita I wanna tell
You about. Yellow boned,
Short, curly hair, kinda
Chubby; she has me.

You see I have a thing for
Light-skinned chicks. On
Facebook I was slowly
Flicking through her pics.
I don’t really know what
To say to chicks, but I
Really don’t know what to
Say to her.

She’s got me reading books
On how to be a charmer. I
Called up my mama and was
Like: O’lady, ndimfumene
Umolokazana, yabe ndimthandile...

I’d like to call her sometime.
I’d like to hold her sometime.
I’d like to tell her the sun shines.
I’d like to tell her things about me.