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Very inspiring
Evah Ngobeni · 6 months ago
I'm glad I came across your work today. Breath of fresh air :) my favourite is the 'watches cologne and shoes, baby' article... awesome stuff nje
ModiehiSeitshiro · 2 years ago
ModiehiSeitshiro · 2 years ago
Wow sicelo, You really care for your fans huh?You replied to Nikea's comments, You are writer! Good luck with your talent, Ngiyakcela Never Give up, Sicelo... Love Lunga Msibi
looking · 2 years ago
Hi Nikita. Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm happy to hear that you love writing and that I inspire you. Don't ever stop writing no matter what anybody tells you. I also write long stories. Having a lot to say is a good thing. I know not having data sucks, but hang in there and keep writing until you get some data. - Sicelo..
Sicelo The Tall Poet · 2 years ago