Have you ever loved?
Have you ever loved foolishly?
Have you ever loved even though
It was ugly? Well, I did.

You see there was this girl
From Ottery – this light-skinned
Girl from Ottery who did things
To me. She moved pieces of me that
I thought the world couldn’t see.

She touch my hand without touching it,
By just looking at it. She kissed me
By just moving her lips and smiling.
We took walks to parks we’d never been
To – just by looking at each other.

You see she never had to tell me she
Loved me. I could see it in the way
She looked at me.She never had to
Tell me she loved me, because I crossed
The bridge from my mind to her mind,
and I know she loves me

She sat me down and told me she was depressed.
She sat down and told me depression was
Having dinner and her mind was the main meal,
so I stuck to having pieces of her.

This kind of love is sick, but this kind
Of love is also beautiful. So I don’t care
If my friends say it’s silly. I don’t care
If they say it’s foolish. I don’t care if
They say it’s stupid, because I love you
Either way.