She is courageous…
But dangerous
With her mind going rebellious
Her pain is unbearable

Always drifting away from it
But it’s like lifting a heavy weight
Under a trillion stars she thinks about life
While fading away from the truth
Telling herself that she can get wild
Thinking out loud as a rewind
Thinking of being a rebel

Desperation always led to her depression
And raised anger issues with contamination…
But with a good heart of appreciation
Whenever there’s a sign of tears…
She’ll just cover it with a smile

She’d raise a hand to admire pain
The pain kept a girl going in order to achieve heights
With a spirit of a bird she waited
With the bravery of a tiger she took risks
Is that what it feels like to be independent
She wondered

With the enormous mind she acted
With the hunger of success she reacted
To answer her questions she went imaginative
Trying to achieve

Fighting for a better future
She becomes more realistic
She becomes more strategic
Encourages her mind to go wild
But the reality sticks
Then she starts to underrate
According to her situation she’s a nobody
According to her imagination she’s an achiever
Life favours the afterlife…
She thought…