I am a dishevelled bed of confusion.
With trembly legs of inaction
And flimsy blankets of excuses,
I bring no comfort to the weary.

I am a dusty shoe of regret
Hiding in a closet of ignorance.
Too afraid to take a step out
Lest my sole tatters and bleeds.

But I am as smart as the ticking clock
That says, “A new day has come.”
With hands turned to a better time,
I move forward to growth and change.

And I am as empathetic as a woollen coat,
Keeping out the hate and cold,
Wrapping you in a warm embrace
Till Winter passes and all lives matter.

I am that brown fist of courage,
High in the air, pumping up and down,
Finally smashing against the table
To make a sound, a noise, a movement; a change.