I fell in love with the colour ‘purple’
when I was still a pupil
When my peers were after a forbidden apple;
worried about their looks
and how to write hooks,
I was glued to books –
I was like a nerd,
so everybody kept their distance
from me until for instance
they needed me –
I guess they don’t need you
until they need you.

I have grown up to be like them –
My love for a purple colour
turned me into a junkie of Purple Haze
from 21 years of age.
Maybe it’s because of 21 Savage –
he had locked me inside a cage
ever since I fell in love with his music
How one dresses and chooses to look
is a product of who he listens to.

I am a rare breed
one still in search of his purpose
to use for a greater course.
I am still like a nerd of course,
hoping to use my intelligence
for a greater course
Though I will run into a loss
every now and then.
Like when I was a junkie,
I will remain sane
even when reality
forces me to lose my sanity.
I will remain sane,
I will remain the same
for everyone’s sake
and my own sake.