I am Stella Mopiha, born on 26 June 2000, to Mr and Mrs Mopiha’s Family. I have three brothers and three sisters. I feel really proud because I’m the last born in my family, I consider myself lucky and blessed to have such a loving, caring and supporting family.
As for my education, I’m waiting to go college soon. My father is a teacher, while mom owns her own business. My family is really blessed with twins, a girl and a boy. My two brothers are teachers, while my two sisters are nurses. My other sister is a journalist and my other brother a nurse as well.

I spend much of my time reading, watching cartoons, dancing, singing and writing. I enjoy writing so much because it helps me to express my happiness as well as my soul. I am used to sharing my ideas on various issues and showing my love to those making my life awesome. I would like to thank God for my life, my family and friends. Happiness and blessings.

Tell us: What are you most grateful for?