Part 1

One night a boy who lived in Hanover Park was worrying. He woke up in the night thinking about what would happen if his community went into crime and killing and never changed.

He decided to write a letter to Mr President:

Dear Mr President

My name is John from Hanover Park. I am an 11 year old and in my community there is a lot of crime, drug-dealings and killings, I ask of you to please come and visit our community and come with your crime fighters to destroy the danger in the community.



He went to bed. In the morning, he got dressed and went to the post office and left the letter there and hoped that it would be read and get a reply.

Part 2

Mr President wrote back:

Dear John

I have read your letter and I felt how and what you feel. You are a brave young child who wants change in the community. I will come to your community in two weeks on the 8th of May.


Mr President

John received the letter and opened it. As he read he began to get so excited and he thought to himself, what would happen if the president had to come and make a change in the community? Think of how safe it would be, children would be able to play outside again.

Part 3

It was the day of the visitation from the President. He arrived at 12 pm and alongside him was the South African National Defence Force. The SANDF drove out all the drugs and bad people from the community and it was safe for all once more.