I’m Iviwe but my friends and family call me Vee and I’m cool with it. I always say that I have the best family because they always encourage me and help me in every step I take. From Grade 5, I have been winning first place in beauty pageant at school and I feel really proud and confident about it and so are my parents.

In Grade 6, I already had my future planned and at that time I wouldn’t let any negative thing come in my way. In Grade 7, I was a prefect in my school and I also perfected my school work. The teachers loved me because I was one of the most brilliant kids at school and also I was humble.

I was really excited about going to high school to meet new people, learn new things and reveal my brilliant mind. I knew at my old school I had left a mark. When I first got to high school, I was really nervous because there was no one I knew in my class and the teachers weren’t like the ones in primary. But I didn’t mind much because I knew I’d bring them flames in my school work.

As time went on, I got pressured by other kids and fell into the trap. There were lots of handsome boys at school and I had a crush on them. I had forgotten that being mischievous and achieving don’t mix.

My family had noticed this but I wasn’t aware. One day my mother checked my phone while I was at the shop and saw that most of my contacts were the corrupt boys and that I was about to have a boyfriend. I got back from the shop and she turned off the TV volume and started crying.

“I saw your phone and the things you have been doing in it, you have let me down, Iviwe!” she said. I was terrified as I was the eldest and my younger sisters looked up to me but now my mom had just said that in front of them. I was so embarrassed but yet happy that my father wasn’t there at the moment as he was at work.

The following day my mother went to work and my dad was at home. He was angry at me.

“Your mother almost had a stroke because she loved you so much and was so astonished by what you did,” said my dad. I apologised but sorry wasn’t enough so I decided to write an apology letter.

Later that day, my dad was off to work again and my mom came home. I was so frightened, I didn’t know how to react in front of her and I just wanted to hide myself that day. She didn’t talk to me when she entered and I decided to break the ice while she was sitting in her room. I went to her and gave her the letter.

“I want to hear the words coming out of your mouth,” she said.

“Mom, I’m really sorry. I promise I won’t do it again and please forgive me because I don’t want to lose you and dad,” she listened to me and said she forgave me. We hugged and I cried.

“I promise that it’ll never happen again,” I said and then I left her reading the letter.

It was really painful but I was happy that my parents found out and brought me back on track. That year I passed well at school and they understood that it was because of my behaviour that time.

I’m in Grade 9 now and about to turn 14 in June, this time I don’t pay attention to some things that waste my time. I realised then that I was too young to be doing this to myself and the messes I’ve done made me more confident about life and guide me throughout my life. Now I turned back to my old humble, clever self again and I’m doing really well in my school work and my parents are happy about that. Now I’m back to planning my future and I see myself as a role model to my sisters.

Life can be very tricky and what you need to do is to trust to yourself and pray to God about it. This will make it very easier for you to gain even more confidence and realise you’re worth it!


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