Did you know: certain technological and medical breakthroughs we enjoy today would not have been possible without some luck having played a part in their discovery? For instance, Newton’s Law of Gravity, the microwave oven and more…

Let’s take a stroll down the walkways of the history of science and allow ourselves to be enlightened about some of these accidental unveilings as a warm up to my own medical discovery. True story!

Newton’s Law of Gravity
While perhaps embellished by both Newton and storytellers, the legend states that young Newton was sitting beneath an apple tree contemplating the laws of motion when an apple plonked down on his head. This led to his formulation of the Law of Gravity – the force that stops us from floating off into space – in 1687. This rendition of the tale certainly makes for easier reading than a journal weighed down with academic jargon. According to modern day literature the apple tree lives on at Newton’s birthplace in Lincolnshire, Great Britain.

Penicillin, one of the greatest medical discoveries dating back to 1928, has an unusual birth. While experimenting with bacteria, Alexander Fleming went on vacation, not bothering to clean up his workplace, leaving his dirty petri dishes unattended. On his return, he discovered bacteria had grown all over the dish, except where mould had formed. I’m sure Mrs Fleming could afford a maid after that!

The microwave oven
The microwave oven was discovered by ‘accident’ in 1946. Now, it is that compact oven we can’t do without when it comes to reheating food, making our popcorn and even reducing aches and pains with the aid of the microwave-heated bean bag.

Soon after the end of World War II, Percy Spencer, a Raytheon engineer, was contemplating ways in which the magnetron, a device used to generate microwaves for radar systems, could otherwise be used. One day, with a chocolate bar in his pocket, Percy stood beside the device and found the chocolate had melted. Voilà – we were on the road to eating microwave popcorn!

Meanwhile in 1992, the libido-enhancing drug Viagra came into being. Scientists at Pfizer, a drug manufacturing company, used a small Welsh town as their test area for a pill to combat angina, a heart ailment. The results disappointed, nevertheless the male guinea pigs were reluctant to return their medication – resulting in a gearshift change by the scientists. Viagra began to be marketed for a completely different purpose. Lock away your daughters!

And, now for my own accidental discovery!
On 15 March 2018 while lounging in an armchair with my phone, researching these strange phenomena, I noticed the few grains of sugar I’d spilled in my mom’s saucer were being carted off by ants. Yes, itty bitty little ants. This got me thinking – if they have such an affinity for sweet things, to what other uses could they be put?

It hit me – hard – like one of those Ah-Ha moments that completely alter the path you’ve been travelling on.

The old adage ‘You are what you eat’ prevents me from ever attaining heights of great individual wealth because I’m diabetic. But, with this all-natural cure, I can be what I eat and scoff down a mountain of decadently RICH chocolate mousse without fear of treading on diabetic coma territory. All natural cure – no gimmicks! Throw away your pills! Dump those needles and insulin! Burn that ‘safe foods’ menu.

Simply toss a handful of ants down your throat and feel the satisfaction of them feasting away at the glucose in your bloodstream!

I’m seriously considering contacting the Journal of International Medical Research to share my hypothesis. And while I’ve got your attention – wouldn’t you like to see your name associated with something that could change the world? So go get your purse or wallet and make a pledge to help get my research off the ground.

Diabetic humour: the only safe thing to ingest that won’t spike your blood-sugar levels.

But seriously, please DON’T try this at home and always consult your doctor before embarking on alternative methods of treating your chronic illness.


Tell us: Have you ever discovered something by accident?