I miss us, I miss you. You were the best thing to ever happen to me. I loved you, you loved me, everything was so perfect until we walked our separate ways. I don’t regret loving you though.

If anything were to happen to you, I shall never forgive myself. You are still my treasure. When I nicknamed you cheese cake, it was because your love was sweet as a cake and your kindness was soft as a cheese.

I shall never forget you, please do not forget me. Our memories together, remain constantly on my mind. My dreams are always about you. I won’t lie, I still love you so much.

I hope your new guy treats you well. I know I wasn’t perfect, but at least I tried because we still have good memories together. I am so glad I never laid my hands on you, but mostly I’m grateful to God that I’m a non-violent guy.

I pray for more guys like me and I pray to be a better guy from now on. Whoever I meet tomorrow, shall be treated better than the day before. I love you and will forever and always.

Take care!


Tell us: Do you still love someone even though it’s better that you guys are apart?