There was no mercy for people who stuck their nose where it didn’t belong. The secret had nothing to do with him. He should’ve minded his own business. Instead he saw them killing another human being, and just like he caught them, they caught him watching them kill that man.

“You should look away and walk away next time,” said Greg, one of the men in the abandoned buildings were they held him captive. He begged them not to kill him but his words disappeared in echoes.

“Please I’m begging you, I won’t say anything,” he pleaded.

The men who held him captive kept him alive long enough so that they could make sure he was alone when he saw them kill another person.

“Are you sure that he is the only one who saw us?” asked Sipho, the second attacker.

Greg kept checking every corner and every window of the building to see if there was no one else who might have seen them.

“The coast is clear!” he shouted.

Dumisani, the young man who was captured started screaming for help. He screamed out loud but no one could hear him. The place they were situated in was so far away that it felt like a ghost town. There were no people around and nobody was coming to save him. He was all alone with two men who wanted him dead.

“Help!” he shouted.

Sipho punched him in the face.

“Shut the fuck up,” he said.

Sipho held him at gunpoint and pulled the trigger, killing Dunisani. It was like he was nothing. The bullet smashed his head so bad that his face wasn’t recognisable anymore.

“So do we leave him here or do we bury him somewhere?” asked Greg.

The two men decided to burn the building and left Dumisani’s body to burn down with it.

“Let’s get the hell out of here!” shouted Sipho.

The two men ran away from the scene. They escaped via a torn rusty old fence covering the entire area.

“Come on, hurry up before somebody sees us,” he said.

Then out of nowhere a figure walked towards them. This figure was holding a knife and walking in the flames. He was walking like a zombie. This was Dumisani who came back to life for his revenge in the form of a zombie. He ran towards the two men at high speed like a human torch. He stabbed them both to death and watched their dead bodies burn.

Tell us: How do you think Dumisani turned into a zombie?