So many questions. No time to talk.
The terms and conditions of the new life are:

1. Just deal with it.
2. Just deal with it.
3. Just deal with it.

Oh, and when you feel like you can’t deal with it any longer,- Jjust deal with it some more.
What people don’t realise is that we find support in different forms. Hugs, kisses, taking a walk with someone or being alone, speaking to someone or hanging out with some people. These are all forms of support.

To have this stripped away from us. Grabbed out of our hands and very quickly replaced with a crown labelled, “ ‘*_keep yourself busy.”_*’. Left to feel like this is your fault. You see the strongest of shoulders hang heavily.

You hear the brightest of laughter fade slowly into tears. Not only a prisoner of circumstances. A prisoner of your mind. Depression knocks on the door and before you know it, it’s too late. The walls are starting to crack.

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