This essay is about the experience students had when they visited Mozambique. It will briefly explain the educational lessons learnt, tourism sites visited, businesses observed and the friendly people of Mozambique.

Africa By Bus is a project established by the University of Johannesburg. It offers first year students an opportunity to travel abroad on an all paid trip by the institution. The varsity provides the best quality of transportation, accommodation, entertainment, food and educational activities to all individuals taking part in this extraordinary opportunity.

The University of Johannesburg is surely the varsity for success. It uplifts students’ dreams with adequate support and ethical conduct within different faculties, so no wonder it is recommended as one of the best universities in Africa.

This time it has given students an opportunity to travel abroad and experience other developing countries. It has revealed how privileged students are to be South African citizens, to be part of a generation that has a bright future ahead; a future reimagined, while gaining skills to conquer any obstacles that crosses our path.

A long walk to success, as our father of the nation said, “A winner is a dreamer that never gives up.” Life is a manifestation of what you plant: what you say with your mouth will happen, you talk bad then bad shall come; you talk good then good shall prevail. You preach or rather prophesy over your life.

The trip gave students hope and strength in life to continue striving for better results in the future. That failure is not a step backwards, but merely a learning process that teaches students to spread their wings and aim for the skies.

The trip should be given five stars.

We took a bus from the main campus and arrived at Pestana Rovuma Hotel. Excited as we were, that was just the beginning. The hotel was made with traditional beads and fine leather. Beds were covered with clean white sheets and the room had an amazing view which revealing the longest bridge in Africa.

We then woke up the following day and visited the University of Eduardo Mondlane and learnt about the history of the establishment of the university. After that exciting moment we drove to the museum of Mozambique where we learnt about the currencies of different economies. The most attractive location that caught our attention was South Beach, the view of the houses were marvellous, just like in Sandton.

There are many successful businesses in Mozambique, companies like Moza, Millennium Bim, Techno, Bica, and local restaurants. We noticed many established businesses by local citizens, people from Mozambique are pure inventors and innovators. Their food is so delicious. The soup, rice, meat and sea food was truly amazing. Their food and their culture has a very broad history, with interesting facts, that one will literally want to research to know more about.

We would advise South Africans to save and start experiencing this beautiful continent. Africa has very beautiful countries, clearly the media is manipulating our minds by showing only the bad. This causes us not to unite and travel Africa.

Umntu ngumntu ngabantu (I am because you are). Let’s have ubuntu and make our beautiful continent a better place for generations to come. There’s a lot of change to be made, innovations and inventions to be constructed and ideas to be developed within South Africa and other developing African countries.


Tell us: Have you travelled in Africa? If so, where have you been?