You know sometimes it’s worth it to just keep quiet and say nothing to anyone. The moment you tell someone that you love her/him it’s the more u bring sadness in ur happiness, I realize that freedom can only come to those who have been honest to each other and been loyal all the time. But facing real life it’s a suck when u have someone who doesn’t appreciate your time, your love, or who doesn’t see a future in you.

Life can be so difficult in some way, but it needs you to stay strong all the time.

Not everyone was born perfect, sometimes you need to take all by means to make things easier for yourself. Never do things to Impress someone’s daughter or son. I don’t suggest that you break up with your partner, am just saying be careful who you may share your happiness with and who u tell your dreams to, you never know what may your word do in return. It’s never too late to reconsider your Relationship. Traveling can be more number one suggestion for you to take just to take some fresh air while thinking about how you would like your life be in the next 10 to 20 years coming. Life’s like load-shedding nowadays, I may shut down or you may shut down anytime.

Never too late to reconsider