I travelled to the northern side of Bushbuckridge
Two hours after midday,
When I saw children travelling about 4km to school
The pain was written on their faces
Clearly I could see that they now hate mom and dad
For sending them to school.

They all think alike
Believe that parents use schools to torture children.
One pulled a jersey from the neck to the waist.
I saw children suffering, seems like no one cares.
Travelled on the dusty road from Xanthia to Agincourt.

Women are abandoned,
Pushing wheelbarrows to the taps along the linear road.
One middle-aged woman with her political T-shirt,
A big head of a president on her chest.
I could see the irritation coming from four directions,

One from the harsh weather condition!
The other comes from the wheelbarrow!
Another comes from the burdens she left at home!
And the last comes from the weight of the head on her T-shirt!