We wish we could cry
For though we live
It’s a promised short life.

Help us!
They are cutting us down again!
Help us!
They are destroying us!

Though we wish we could
We can’t even shed a tear

We are so, so tired…
We give oxygen
And that is how you get life is it not?
Do you not need to breathe?
Do you not need oxygen?
Do you not need life to be alive?

Then tell us!
Tell us why we are being discarded without a care?
And for what?
For you to have fanciful furniture?
And yet that wouldn’t really be a problem.

What is a problem though,
Is that it’s without a care!
As if we don’t have feelings.
We may not be able to speak
But we have those who speak for us
For they are one with us
And yet they are so few.

This is a plea
We beg of those who know our feelings
That speak with us
Who are one with us
Help us!

Nowadays we shed our tears in leaves
Or maybe the rain
Is the sky crying for us?
Don’t you see the beauty in us?
The centuries that passed us by
With memories only we remember today?
A fire a millennium ago
A flood ten centuries ago
And six centuries ago a laugh that was thought impossible.

The scars of years past
Memories lost in time
Of seasons coming and going
Of civilisations rising and falling
Of war and of peace
Of love and hate
Of good and evil
Of dreams
Of change!

We paint a picture in summer of colour
And in autumn we show magic in letting go
And in spring we show rebirth
And in winter?
Well that is when we show what is left without.

Plea of the Trees
Help us
Help us rise from the ground to the sky
Help us give life
Help us give shelter to animals
Help us help the animals build families
Help us show the beauty left in the world
Help us show what it means to let go
And what means to be reborn
And what a new start means.
Help us fulfil our purpose.

We shed tears
And in agony
We ask
If you hear us
Our pleas
Then help
The Plea of the Trees.