Ignorant arguments of empty accusations
Altercations of nothing but pure foolishness
You spit venom in your words
Your eyes reddened with hatred towards your own

You refuse to have peace with them but breakout wars
they do not want to fight
Their devastating cries reach your ears yet you avert
your faces as if you hear nothing

Your eyes see the pleas in their eyes as they beg for mercy
Why do you turn a blind eye when you see their pain?
The help they seek you can give them
All they need you have adequate of

Where is Ubuntu
When brother turns against brother and
spill their blood on the soil like a meaningless creature
Or have you forgotten the teachings of our forefathers’ forefathers?

What is wrong with their colour?
Is there fault in their language?
Do you find flaws in their accent?
Can you not learn to love their contrasts?

Their Africa is your Africa
So what do you find erroneous in them?
Seek mercy in your heart for them
What is a nation without unity?
I am because we are!