How we honour thee, let me count the ways…
You are respected to the depth, breath and height
Our souls can reach,
Even when you are out of sight.
Like a lifesaver you’ve rescued the disadvantaged
Out of the troubled Khayelitsha tempest. . .

I’ll tell you, shall I, something I remember?
The series of your meted out disciplinary actions:
Offenders young and old know exactly when
You recite your disciplinary measures and set them in motion.
Late-comers turn into refuse collectors.
Truant players, fighters and smokers become parents.
Apple snatchers, vagabonds and noisemakers appear
In the list of transgressors and are dealt with…

But your love, care and compassion
Depict your generosity in abundance.
If God choose, we shall but love thee better most
after fulfilling our dreams.
We shall and we will be
future leaders
and developers.

Live long and witness the labour of thy hands.