I remember the dark roads, dimmed lights
and flickering broken nights.
I remember how focused I was,
trying to manage my shivering shoulders.
I could count every single beat of my heart,
the way I was renaming folders.
I could hear every single sound wave:
rats running, dogs barking and I felt less brave.
Suddenly, my senses cracked through a cave,
felt some blood moving through my veins.

Tears began to roll from my eyes,
as my heart beat a bit faster,
Suddenly the flickering lights
turned from dimming, to blurry.
Sweat and tears met once again,
after a long hot summer.
I was as skinny as a needle,
so I could feel the wind pushing from winning.
Each moment I blinked, I found myself
having a conversation with my creator.

I turned from doubting myself
to nailing each opportunity,
even the ones hidden on the shelf.
I turned from living in fear
to experiencing each moment with cheers.
I turned from catching teardrops
before they reached the ground floor,
to saying, “Yes, let’s go!”

Yes to live life with peace, love and hope.
Yes to finishing strong,
although we cannot afford a Coke.
Yes to war, triumph, and breaking walls
for the one’s that says: “What’s going on?”
Yes to never giving up,
even when all else is going wrong.
Yes to finishing 17 kilometres,
like David defeated Goliath
without owning a throne.