It’s mysterious the way life is,
From a congruous sower’s bag
Into a tallying field in the soil
Into a symmetrical soul
Watered by identical waters of goals and dreams
One and the same day, one hope, one sower
Amazing are the results…

A bumper harvest in the first portion
A microscopic harvest in the second portion
A green, promising and inviting field
Yet, fruitless in the third portion
And tell me not so, from the fourth portion
It’s just, but barren
Amazing are these fruits…
Sophisticated are the seeds of life
It lies in the exquisiteness of its sophistication
Yet carbon-copied sower, indistinguishable field
All of a type, one seed, duplicated field, same dream waters
Yet still, amazing are the results…

Human life and the seed
Are God’s twins of nature, God’s twins of nurture
Both treasured in God’s hard work of creation
There are lives, souls and existences so complex
Where everything is catered for, yet so complex
After the good labour, lemons are the fruits
Not lemonade, and one wonders why?

Many lives are full of aborted dreams
Lives that field unsustainable wishes
Lives where every atom of effort was indulged in
Yet, the fruits show futility, agony and …
That’s the uniqueness of this sophisticated existence
It enhances itself in the realm of ecstasy of its sombre
Packed with astonishments, enwrapped in the garment of every soul

Every heartbeat is a call for awe
The sinew formation alike
The whole metabolism of reality is a puzzle
Life’s science is more geographical
Than it is mathematical or physical
It does not consider the grammatical rules of language
Its history is in its existence
It’s more of life orientation
Than accounting for every life’s complicated journey as a seed
Every life is a unique seed which needs to be embraced in its uniqueness
You are a special seed, unique and peculiar