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Heavens! She's a beautiful writer.
Isra(3)l · 7 months ago
Such an inspiring writer, but if I may ask do you have a man in your life cause I sense a lot of negativity towards men in your work, Not every man is a drunk and stiff necked with an heart of stone, Sometimes we need to bury the past and look towards a great future, maybe that's what you are doing, Again you create masterpieces
Igwilo Vincent · 7 months ago
Great poems very inspiring and encouraging . keep the great Work. I loved them.
Mr Makaranga · 3 years ago
Wow these stories are really great, enjoyable and inspirational. Good job and keep up the spirits, very impressive..
Pamela · 3 years ago
U inspire me to strive towards greatness,it is from u dat ah learnt dat telling a stry nd releasing a wild imagination onto a clean sheet of paper is no sin.... Thank u so much for ur hrd wrk in achieving dis endevour love you to bits nd keep up the good work ah will send u a thousand more emails as ah promised. You truely r a great,prominent figure.... Ur children r all proud of u english guru
lerato mahlabani · 3 years ago