Africa is my home
I was born here
I am an African
My blood is from Africa

I am proud to be an African
I pride myself on the fact
That Africa is my home
Do not push me away
I am also an African

I was born here
My skin is my history
I am born-free so let me be free
I am a white African
You and I, we are the same
Nothing stays the same

We bleed the same blood
We are just brothers and sisters
Let us have a future that never ends
I want to be your friend till the end
We are together in this thing called life
So, do not push me away
I too make mistakes
I too learned from mistakes
Let’s work together and unite
As the sun shines on all of us so do our opportunities
Let’s make this never end

Take your pen, let us rewrite our history
We can be more if we are united
We can be more if we rebuild
They made a mistake, I am not a mistake
I care about you
I am made by strong roots of Africa