Happiness comes but for a while
A cheerful smile appears on my face
A lighting spark in my eyes appears
Head and heart empty with no pain
Just filled with joy
A moment with laughter

Mind filled with all the thoughts
Heart filled with utmost pain
Eyes filled with tears
Alone in the dark I wonder how to get rid of this horrifying feeling
My deadly shadow staring at me with a huge smile
Reaching out its hands, putting them around my neck
The suffocation I feel
Trying to breathe but my eyes trying to close
A question in my mind is stood still,
Is it my time?
If it is I never wanted it to be so painful
My heart is tired
My eyes are burning
Trying to not let my dark shadow succeed
Putting on a bigger smile than it
But it’s no use
My deadly shadow is more powerful than me
It lets me go and goes away
But it leaves me in pain
Trying to catch a breath
But wondering why it has left?
What was its motive?
It’s happy to see me in pain
And so it didn’t finish its job
Sitting in the corner of a dark room
Wondering when it’ll come back again?
Will it win even this time?
Why can’t I defend it?
What’s the pain in my heart which lets it win?
Unknown pain