I remember on a very random day,
During my busy holiday,
When I took a pause from everything
And decided to take a walk.

I was walking on a silver grey
Tar road, under a clear blue sky,
The sun displaying a naked light on
My way, hugging me with the warmth it exuded,
As I was walking towards an indistinct destination.

My nostrils were filled by the air
That was filled with the smell of roses
From she who was passing by me
Wearing a dress red like a rose,
For a moment, I took a pause,
But the time was flying like a wind,
Fluttering its wings,
tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock
I heard the sound from my wrist.

I did not have time,
So I asked for a minute of her time,
I didn’t know if she had time,
But for her I was willing to make time,
Was she?

Within her, she had this aura of confidence,
With the glance of her beauty, she caressed my eyes;
The sound of her laughter, melting my heart;
And her voice, like a love song in my ears,
I stood there, staring at her eyes,
Listening to their sweet vocabulary.

We exchanged numbers and parted ways,
I can say that parting was a sweet sorrow,
As her presence was the scent of new beginnings,
Yet the clock was waiting for no man;
Then her absence dawned before my eyes,
I felt it.

She made a home behind my eyelids,
For a split second, when I blinked
All I could see were the figures of her beauty,
And I would hold her hands with a thought
As we danced to the rhythm of my heartbeat.

I called her the other day
And I asked her out for a dinner,
She asked, “Is it a date?”
I replied, “Yeah, it is a date.”
“Sure it is,” she said, but I could
Feel the voice of hesitancy through the phone,
We set a date for our very first date.

I waited for her at the restaurant,
Watching the waiters and waitresses
Serving the customers, with an impeccable smile,
And I was sitting there, waiting,
Waiting with perseverance for her to show up,
Thinking that somehow she might miss our date,
I was frustrated.

A few minutes later, my nostrils got disturbed
By the rich aroma of wild flowers,
I looked up, my eyes were stabbed by
The flesh of beauty before me,
I followed her steps with my eyes and ears
As she was approaching me,
Walking like the world was her runway.

I stood up and pulled out a chair for her to sit on,
She put her phone on the table, and settled,
We ordered something to eat as we were enjoying our
Glasses of champagne with a hint of a conversation,
As we were conversing, she was pivoting more on her
Cellphone, only I could see her presence, and to feel
It not, she was out there, somewhere I didn’t know,
Maybe she was in someone else’s mind.

“There is something you should know,
I have a boyfriend,” she said,
The waiter put our orders on the table
But I had already run out of appetite,
My tongue drew back and I could utter
No word, “Friends, let’s be,” she said.