I’m from Cape Town where gangsters are out at night prowling little thirteen-year-old girls sneaking out their home to go jolling it’s the normal thing while our parents sit outside smokkeling dais nog fokkol nie little boys already know how to be skommeling bullets fly, bodies drop al is jy nie ’n nommer nie dit maak nie saak as jy wys is nie, jou eie brusse sal jou verdala om ’n nommer te word I’m from Cape Town the most beautiful city maar niemand is te vol of te wys hoe die nommer gaan change ni. Guys don’t go nowhere without a knife cos they wys the gangster’s will be trying to be wysing to defend their nommer and honour without even blinking where you’re only fifteen but doing time in Pollsmoor for theft, rape or murdering too me that’s a mystery I’m from Cape Town where moms be crying cos their sons and daughters are busy dying time’s flying, cops dying, children crying, parents not smiling always worrying when is your time coming twelve-year-olds running around kaalvoet with a lot of money, this all seems so funny but the life we live is unbelievably scary all the laaities are swearing, fighting with their parents trying to get drug money blood shedding, stabbing, raping, stealing and murdering are the main concerns where we’re living I’m from Cape Town the mother city where making it to eighteen is a miracle and twenty-one is a blessing and the only thing on a girl’s mind is finding a guy with a big dick and no money I’m from a place where today we’re chommies and the next we ain’t so when we part ways we say walk safe cos we can die in a blink of an eye, nobody will do anything while they watch you choke on your own blood because they’re too afraid to touch your blood cos they bedink you for having aids and then they gotta tell your momma about what happened but don’t know what to say or how to say it cos they so upset I’m from Cape Town where apparently everyone’s got respect but I’m bigger than that, you don’t get respect from intimidation or threatening someone else’s life to show you’ve got krag let’s slat a five say ‘pear’ I’ll show you I do it. this is a place where R.I.P is in everybody’s vocabulary if you put the letter ‘c’ in front of the word ‘op’ then you’ll figure out who’s your biggest threat I just think this shit needs too stop! I’m tired of trying too many people are crying and dying